We are a health, life science and educational products solution provider, with specialized quality products for all your medical, life sciences, liquid handling, Petro-chemical and food analysis works. A wide range of equipments, testing kits, reagents are available with us in partnership with alliances of renown manufacturers, among of these are;

• Sample collecting systems for blood, body fluids, urine, etc

• Laboratory automation systems for all specialists of lab

• Training of users in process improvement and specific testing protocols

• Bio waste management in hospitals, industrial and research organizations

• Offering external quality assurance schemes and continuing learning development systems.

Many other products include; Co2 Incubators, Hot air ovens, laminar flow systems, microscopes, biological shakers, micro injectors, capillaries, electroporation cuvettes, cell fusion chamber, fermentation, temperature control systems, thermo cylinders, UCT freezers, PCR plates and tubes, reaction tubes and cuvettes, manual pipettes, electronic pipettes, dispensers, Automated Pipetting Systems, pipette trips , Pipette calibration , and Burette.