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Celltack MEK-7300



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Celltack MEK-6500


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Nihon Celltac MEK-8222



  • Auto loader for 50 sample measurement
    • STAT measurement
    • Barcode & ID management
  • Reliable data
    • Automatic recount for suspected samples
    • High reproducibility
  • Cost effective
    • Low reagent consumption
  • User-friendly operation
    • High resolution color TFT LCD touch screen
    • Automatic priming and self check
  • Expansive data management capabilities (with optional Data Management Software, DMS-Pro)
    • Connection to LIS/HIS network
    • Additional research parameters, such as ImG, Band and Seg
    • Expanded data storage capability of 100,000 measurement data with scattergrams

Key specifications

Parameters 22: WBC, LY%, MO%, NE%, EO%, BA%, LY, MO, NE, EO, BA, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW, PLT, PCT, MPV, PDW
Reagents 5: 2 hemolyzing reagents, 1 diluent, 2 detergents
Sample volume 55μL for CBC + Diff (30μL for CBC only)
10 or 20 μL for pre-dilution mode
Throughput 80 samples /hour
Reproducibility (CV%) WBC: ≦ 2.0
RBC: ≦ 1.5
HGB: ≦ 1.5
MCV: ≦ 1.0
PLT:≦ 4.0
QC programs X bar R, L&J, X bar Batch, X bar Day CV
Options Data Management Software, DMS-Pro and DMS-Lite
Handy bar code reader
Dimensions 613 W × 550 D × 583 H
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CGM-8100 Automated coagulation analyzer

Technical Specifications

Test menu

Clotting, chromogenic and immunological assay


Max.400 tests/hour

STAT capability


Sample transport system



Sample probe 1, Reagent probe 2

Samples onboard

60 ( 10 per sample rack)

Reagents onboard

Reagent 25+ 8(dificiency plasma position ), Diluent(5),Buffer solution(3),Detergent (1 for sample plasma + multiple for reagent)

Reagent barcode reader


Barcode reagents

Yes  (lot, exp., vial size )

Sample barcode reader


Cuvetttes onboard


Calibration carve predilution


Rerun testing


Reaction curve display


Quality control program

Yes , QC data storage 2.5 years

24-hour Stanby

Yes , Automatic startup function

Patient sample data storage

2.5 years



Operating system

Windows XP

Automatic downloading


Automatic uploading


Dimensions (W x D x H / Weight)




CGM-6100 Automated coagulation analyzer



A benchtop, fully automated, random access analyzer, ideal for use as a routine, emergency or backup instrument in medium size laboratories


  • Easy to use for any operator
    • Multi-use bar code reader for material data management, calibration, and vial identification, reduces workload and increases productivity
    • Minimal and easy maintenance for maximum uptime
    • 24-hour standby mode keeps reagents at 10°C realizes quick first result, and reduces the risk of vial mix-up
  • Convenient for any laboratory
    • Small footprint fits anywhere
    • Rapid result turnaround time (TAT)
    • Low sample volume especially suitable for pediatric samples
    • Flexible integration into LIS
  • Reliable quality
    • Multi-use bar code reader eliminates data entry errors
    • Automatic cleaning reduces contamination risk

Key specifications

Measurement method Clotting: scattered light detection method
Parameters PT, APTT, Fibrinogen (Clauss method)
Onboard samples Up to 20
Onboard reagents 11 (Cooled to 10°C)
Onboard measurement cells 1,000
Sample volume PT 37 μL, APTT 37 μL, Fbg 10 μL
Throughput Up to 100 tests/hour for PT, APTT and Fbg
Onboard sample barcode reader Yes
Reagent barcode reader Yes
STAT capability Yes
Barcode pre-calibration Yes
Data storage 500 samples
Printing Built-in thermal graphic printer
Automatic downloading Yes
Automatic uploading Yes
Dimensions (W × D × H) 60 × 60 × 65 cm (23.6 × 23.6 × 25.5 in)
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